Team and Areas of Expertise

Our team is composed of graduated Architects and Interior Designers, as well as interns. At present, we have 8 members.

The team members work in concert to address the different technical issues – from the planning to construction management, interior design and urban planning.

Our areas of expertise include:
- advising, conceiving and supervision of individual construction projects
- high end Architecture
- adaptation and expansion of existing and historical buildings
- development of new buildings within the context and substance of urban planning
- residential construction for individual as well as modular units
- individual commercial construction for stores, doctors’ offices, workshops, cafés and restaurants
- spatial perception; analysis, consulting and implementation
- furniture design and graphic design
- formal and informal urban planning

Architecture, interior design and urban planning – we execute all projects comprehensively, starting with the layout, including the project management and supervising the project in its entirety down to the last detail.